Alumni of MSRIT

TEDx is a platform for people to witness remarkable ideas, firsthand. We're excited to be a licensee and are reaching out to our alumni who we believe are committed to the power of ideas to support our TEDx event. Individuals like you are our university's lasting legacy and strongest voice. As a successful role model, you represent what we aspire to become: professional, efficient and chaMSRITable, making a positive impact on the community. We, at MSRIT, are finding new ways to build an engagement and we feel, for you to join our event is one of the easiest ways to reconnect, give back to the University, and serve as a springboard for further involvement. We believe, whatever you did at MSRIT, wherever you are in your career, your support can make a big difference to the ongoing success of our event and MSRIT. For you, lending a helping hand to us will not only allow you to take part in and experience our event but also help transform today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. These students are indeed the future leaders of the world and helping them achieve their goals can only benefit people like you in the near future.

We are looking forward to discussing ways in which you could help underwMSRITe and add to this incredible new experience. Your involvement will make this event a special and successful celebration.

Please enter your particulars and we'll get in touch to find opportunities for your contribution in TEDxMSRIT.

Date & Time

24th April 2024
10 AM to 5 PM


ESB Seminar Hall - 1(Big),
Ramaiah Institute Of Technology

00 SEC